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“3techautomation-Leading Vibratory Bowl Feeder Manufacturer in India”
Vibratory bowls feed a wide range of metal & plastic parts,including screws,nuts,pins,dowels,cap ,plugs,lightbulg,filments,threaded inserts and other fasteners .Bowls featuring outside tooling have a straight-wall design .Parts ride inside tracking to the top of the bowl where they are captured for proper orientation. Vibratory Bowl Feeder Automation, the leading Vibratory Bowl Feeder manufacturer from India manufactures 7 models of Vibratory Bowl Feeders, i.e. 100, 160, 250, 250 D, 400, 400 HD and 630.Screws are accurately positioned on the screwdriver Expansion of feeder product-range with 1.2-liter bowl and a miniature feeding-device with 3techautomation

One of the main issues related to automated assembly of components is the precise feeding of the assembly components. Regardless of whether you are assembling extremely small screws or larger hex nuts – the on-time and accurately-positioned supply for the assembly process determines the overall productivity of a system. 30 years of experience in the field of feeding technology of screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, washers, O-rings, symmetrical and asymmetrical components, are the basis for new feeder developments guaranteeing nothing but the highest precision and reliability. Valuable additions to the wide assortment of feeding technology, tailor-made to a customer requirement, will be introduced by the automation expert

About 3techautomation: We are a leading process automation company and a trusted name for the highest quality vibratory bowl feeders manufactured by us in India. Our standard, as well as customized products and services have been helping manufacturers move, assemble, pack, count and weight their products from a single item of equipment to a turnkey project. Founded by Pandey Group more than 25 years of experience in th field of Industrial Automation.

Pawan Pandey ,Pankaj Pandey & Sudhanshu Pandey started company in 2005,3Techautomation has been serving in India Industry by providing low cost automation solution using vibratory Bowl feeders, linear feeders, small parts conveyor feeders, rotary or centrifugal feeders etc.The Team with highly skilled engineers and design team

Products • Vibratory Bowl Feeder | Conveyor | Linear Feeder | Elevator | Magnetic Coil | Stock Feeder Voltage Controller | Frequency Controller | Special Purpose Vehicle

Services: PU Coating | Rubber Coating | Yearly Maintenance

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Pawan Pandey Co-Founder
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